I've been binge listening to this unique Catholic radio show. TL has a gift for explaining big ideas in a straightforward manner.
— Kim C. California

Outside the Walls is a show where the every day struggles and joys of the Catholic Faith are discussed in a non-technical and practical manner. TL is a gracious host and sound interviewer who allows the guest to openly voice their experiences and knowledge in a way that is approachable and tangible to all listeners.
— Michael H. Oklahoma

As a non-Catholic, I appreciate learning more about theology from a different point of view. Outside the Walls is approachable and interesting for someone from outside the Catholic tradition. TL does a good job of explaining topics so that I can focus on the discussion instead of getting bogged down with new vocabulary and jargon.
— Kristy B. Michigan

Outside the Walls has an excellent mix of theology, current events and family life all in the light of the Catholic faith. TL and his guest are always sure to have entertaining, Informative conversation that is charitable and applies to people at any level of the spiritual or intellectual spectrum.
— Robert D. Oklahoma

Outside the Walls brings a very balanced and well-thought-out conversation concerning matters that are important to the Church. TL's guests are usually very insightful on the matters being discussed.
— Rev. Richard J. [Anglican] Oklahoma

The faith-filled discussion of Outside the Walls will help you grow in your spiritual life by presenting you with oportunities and habits to incorporate faith in your daily routine.
— Juan P. Oklahoma

Although I was raised protestant, I find Outside the Walls to be an incredibly informative and enjoyable show. It is a calm, thoughtful look at current issues as well as a non-judgmental offering of the Catholic Church's position.
— Hannah T. Colorado

I Found It! I've been desperately looking for a podcast that is entertaining and intellectually satisfying, and presents topics with a worldview that is essentially Catholic: rooted in scripture, compassionate, and relevant. I know, I know....seemingly impossible standards in a podcast!

Well, after just listening to a couple episodes of Outside the Walls, I knew I had found such a podcast. Mr. Putnam's interviews are interesting, well-prepared and informed. As I delve into past episodes, I realize it has really helped me in my spiritual growth...the crux of my search. I'm so glad I found it!
— Curtis Williamson 5-star iTunes Review

Worth Your Time TL Putnam has a splendid radio show that is well worth your time. First, he is able to translate a personal, conversational style to the radio without losing an in-person integrity. Second, he has cultivated he best of Public Catholics in the country to carry out conversations. Last, he is not defensive, petulant, or overly-focused on inter-tribal carfare without sacrificing one iota of strident and refreshing orthodoxy. Here is all the best of Catholic wisdom and inside baseball, with none of the vitriol!
— Samuel Jennings 5-star iTunes Review

Fresh and Faithful Outside the Walls is marked by its thoughtfulness and a desire to present ideas in a way that is both fresh and faithful. No echo chamber cliches here, and also nothing heterodox or scandalous. A worthwhile show to listen and learn from!
— Grown Folks Music Lover 5-star iTunes Review

Take a Listen I hate interviewers who ask a question and then talk all over the interviewee in order to get their point across. No so, Putnam, not so. Great personalities, interesting points, fascinating subjects, level tone, distinctly Catholic. Take a listen!
— KickwasaKennedy 5-star iTunes Review

Dependably Sound With a fascinating variety of guests, timely responses to current events, and a consistently respectful tone, TL Putnam provides a high quality podcast that always provokes reflection.
— Silphael 5-star iTunes Review

Great Show! Love the down to earth, balanced conversation about matters of faith and life that actually matter! Excellent story-telling!
— AprilJewels 5-star iTunes Review

Thoughtful, Informative Great discussions about the Catholic Faith applied to real life circumstances. I love the wide variety of guests and topics.
— Brianofthemarsh 5-star iTunes Review

Non-Catholic Listener I've been listening since the show started. As someone who didn't grow up Catholic, and had little exposure, I've learned a lot and appreciate the variety of topics and guests.
— Wolfhounddogcoolness 5-star iTunes Review

A Smart Show for Catholics This show has interesting guests, and the topics are not "fluff."
— MJT18801 5-star iTunes Review

Excellent Show! A dependable mix of sound teaching and application that is very relevant to real life! A+!
— Ephremb 5-star iTunes Review

Helpful and Though Provoking In a world where Catholic teaching is less and less accepted in popular culture, and in some cases even frowned upon, Outside the Walls is incredibly useful to me as a Catholic. TL helps keep me rooted in my faith outside of mass, and helps to educate me further on teachings of the Church so that I may be firm in my stance and belief, and answer questions asked of me in the real world. While I'd hardly consider myself a scholar OTW is thought provoking and interesting, and provides me with a spiritual refuge in a digital Information Age that can often be anything but. I highly recommend this show.
— TheJepp 5-star iTunes Review

Radio Professionals

When we began carrying Outside the Walls on our radio network across Oklahoma, I was impressed at once by his standards for the content of the show. The programs are always well organized, they sounded great, and are completely within the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church. As the president of a Catholic radio network, I am always concerned about the content of the shows we carry. On TL's show, I never worry about there being something discussed that is outside the teaching of the Church. The other thing that has impressed me with TL is the professionalism that he has shown with his show behind the scenes. His shows always show up on time, are well produced, and attractive to our listeners. He knows how to communicate to his listeners in a way that engages them and leaves them wanting more. He is among the best that I’ve heard in the Catholic world. He has a great talent in this area!
— Jeff Finnell President, Oklahoma Catholic Broadcasting Network

Outside the Walls is engaging, uplifting and educational. I've learned practical tips on being a better father and husband as well as interesting information about the Catholic faith that I've never before considered. TL has interviewed just about every big name in the Catholic world, from priests to authors and even radio guys like me. He's got that unique spark of a convert that reminds this cradle Catholic that being Catholic should never grow old and there is always something else fun to learn about our faith.
— Dave Palmer, Executive Director of Guadalupe Radio's KATH 910 AM

Good Interviews are all about good questions. Having been a guest on this program, I have to say that I love being on it because TL asks good questions — piercing and insightful questions that get to the root of truth. A lot of hosts use guests as props so that they can get out their agenda over the top of them — TL listens, responds, and takes things a level or two deeper. For those who like shows that challenge them to go deeper in faith, I think Outside the Walls is a great add to their regular listens.
— Matt Swaim, Co-creator of the Son Rise Morning Show

I wish to recommend to you TL Putnam. Rarely have I met a soul so completely given to our Lord and to His Church, and with such a depth of understanding and love for the Church's Magisterial teachings in every area, but most especially in that of the family, the dignity of the human person, the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, and in all that is holy and given by God for our sanctification and salvation.

TL Putnam is a man who lives what he would teach, whose own family bears the beautiful fruit of a joyful, uncompromising, confident faith that trusts in the mercy, the goodness, and the plan of God. His knowledge, integrity, clarity of thought, sense of humor, depth of experience, and love for the Church have molded this courageous soul into a vessel of honor for our Lord and His Church and a worthy spokesman to the household of faith and beyond to a needy world.
— Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B. Host, Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam

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