Jaymie Stuart Wolfe, from Ave Maria Press, talks about this incredible newly discovered work of then-Archbishop Karol Wojtyla (Pope St. John Paul II) on Paul's Sermon at the Areopagus. We talk about his profound insights into evangelization, and you'll hear an excerpt from the book.

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Fr. Harrison Ayre, co-host of the wildly popular podcast Clerically Speaking joins us to talk about the Series Finale of NBC's "The Good Place." We look at what they got right, what they got wrong, and why it's good they ask deep questions on primetime television.

Fr. Brad Doyle, host of the Quizzical Papist Podcast, joins me as we reflect on the recent death of a young priest. We talk about the importance of supporting our priests, and explore ways that we can offer encouragement to our priests.


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Craig St. Clair, project manager of Verbum, joins us to talk about the Sunday of the Word of God recently declared by Pope Francis. 

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Kim Cameron-Smith, author of "Discipleship Parenting: Planting the Seeds of Faith" on Our Sunday Visitor Press, and host of the Gentle Catholic Parenting Podcast, joins us to talk about how to raise our kids to be Disciples of Jesus Christ!

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Bo Bonner, Host of the Uncommon Good and Executive Vice President of the Newman Idea, joins us to talk about what baptism means for us, the benefits and the obligations that proceed from our baptisms. 

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On the feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, my bride and I share a story of how through our experience of suffering God revealed something important about His character.

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Derek Rotty (www.derekrotty.com), author of "A Life of Conversion" on OSV.com joins us to talk about his recent piece on CatholicExchange.com talking about the good gifts that God gives us.

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT joins us to talk about being interrupted by the Incarnation and coming to more fully understand what it means for Jesus to be "Emmanuel" (God is With Us).

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Dr. John Cavadini, of the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame joins us to talk about the role and responsibility of the laity in the leadership of the Church. 

Register now to take part in the Called and Co-Responsible conference taking place in March in South Bend, IN.

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Constance T. Hull joins us to talk about her recent article on Catholic Exchange (https://catholicexchange.com/come-christmas-will-christ-find-room-in-our-souls) preparing our hearts for Christmas this Advent.

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Joe Heschmeyer, [http://www.shamelesspopery.com / http://www.cathpod.com] joins us to talk about Advent and the Eschaton (the end times). We explore Advent's call to us to focus on preparing our hearts for the second coming of Christ.

I'm joined by one of my favorite priests, Fr. Brian O'Brien as he shares with us about the Solemnity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, and we explore what it means practically for us to be subject to the Rule and Reign of Christ.

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Shaun McAfee, founder and editor of EpicPew.com, and author of the new book "I'm Catholic, Now What" available soon on OSV.com, joins us to talk about the Universal Call to Holiness and the call to continual conversion.

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Tim Glemkowski, president and founder of laltocatholic.com and co-founder of reviveparishes.com joins us to talk about his new book on osv.com, Made for Mission; and his new project Revive Parishes which is focused on equipping clergy, staff, and volunteers of parishes to be fruitful in their ministries.

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Fr. Quang Tran, S.J. (twitter @LeMeTellUSumtin), joins us to talk about All Souls Day, Purgatory, and Indulgences. 

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Dr. Charles C. Camosy (www.charlescamosy.com) joins us to talk about his book "Resisting Throwaway Culture: How a Consistent Life Ethic can Unite a Fractured People," available on https://www.newcitypress.com/


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Charles Beard is an installed Acolyte and Deacon Candidate with the Diocese of Tulsa. He is also a member of the Bl. Stanley Rother Catholic Worker Community (www.srcw.org). He joins us today to talk about the Dignity of the Human Person.

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My Darling bride joins us to talk about fostering sanctity in the home, and how we work to get the whole family to heaven!

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Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo (www.leonardjdelorenzo.com), from the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame (McGrath.ND.edu), joins us to talk about his forthcoming book, A God Who Questions, available on Our Sunday Visitor (www.osv.com). 

Pre-order for a chance to win the Gospels and Acts volume of the St. John's Illuminated Bible.

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