October 17, 2020

Tommy Tighe - #BlessedMother

Tommy Tighe (www.twitter.com/theghissilent) joins us to talk about his new book #BlessedMother: How to Follow, Share, and Defend Mary in the World of Social Media (available on www.OSV.com). We talk a bit about how the weirdness of Catholicism can be an odd, but effective means of evangelization.

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Damon Owens, Executive Director of JoyToB.org and founder of JoyfulEverAfter.com, join us to talk about unjust structures, systemic racism, and handling conflict with grace.

This is one of the most important, and one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had on the show.

We also touch on the new Encyclical Fratelli Tutti and its relation to our topic of the day.

Father Andy Davy, MIC joins us to talk about his youtube videos for the children of his parish school (Father Andy's Virtual Neighborhood - https://youtu.be/xr6d-vtupDg). We talk about the benefit of approaching the world like a child.

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Daniel and Bethany developed the Life-giving Wounds retreat (www.lifegivingwounds.org) from their personal and professional experience and extensive study. It is a much-needed program helping identify and heal the wounds experienced by the adult children of divorce or separation. Listen and share this episode with all who may need it.

If you are experiencing difficulty in your marriage, consider a retrouvaille retreat (www.helpourmarriage.com). To grow in your marriage, visit www.foryourmarriage.com.

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Jennifer Fitz (www.jenniferfitz.com) joins us to talk about my favorite topic, Evangelization. She's written a very practical tutorial on the topic, and we pick a few high-points to discuss; particularly the interior component of evangelization and the proper place for apologetics.

This is a great discussion and a fantastic book!

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Allison Gingras (https://reconciledtoyou.com/) joins us to talk about her new Catholic journaling book Seeking Peace: A Journey from Worry to Trust.

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Mark P. Shea and I explore the four pillars of Catholic Social Teaching (The Dignity of the Human Person, The Common Good, Subsidiarity, and Solidarity) and talk about his new book on New City Press, "The Church's Best Kept Secret: A Primer on Catholic Social Teaching."

We recollect our own first encounters as converts with the Church's Social Teaching, and the struggle we experienced in coming to appropriate it.

Grab a coffee and sit down with us for this jovial conversation.

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We have entered into another contentious election cycle, and Catholics are left with no candidates that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Our fractured political system has left us in a situation where no political party fully encompasses both the moral and social teaching of the magisterium.

This is compounded by many well-meaning Catholic influencers on both sides of the spectrum trying to simplify the difficult process of discernment by claiming that the choice is clear. How do we vote in a way that the integrity of our belief is upheld, while still seeking to achieve the best outcome for our nation? Deacon Steven Greydanus seeks to help us unpack the difficult work of forming our consciences as we prepare to cast our ballot.

Joe Heschmeyer joins us again to talk about his new book 'Pope Peter: Defending the Church's Most Distinctive Doctrine in a time of Crisis' (available at https://shop.catholic.com/pope-peter-defending-the-churchs-most-distinctive-doctrine-in-a-time-of-crisis/)

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Mike Aquilina joins us to talk about Patristics and Poetry, and how Reimagining a Post-Quarantine Church requires understanding the Historical Church. Sometimes you have to look back to move forward. 

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Kevin Cotter, Executive Director of Amazing Parish, joins us to re-imagine a post-quarantine Church and gives us 3 key cultures that characterize thriving parishes.

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Cathy Lins is a national trainer and speaker.  She is also a Lay Dominican with the Dominican Order’s Central Province of the U.S. In 2017-2018, she provided training for bishops, priests, diocesan staff and parish staff for the Catholic Leadership Institute, using her English and Spanish language skills to engage participants for the Good Leaders, Good Shepherds Program, the Next Generation Parish effort, and Pastoral Planning efforts. Since 1995, she has worked with health and human service agencies and government agencies throughout the United States and several other countries to address community needs and quality care for mental health, substance abuse issues, family violence issues, HIV/AIDS, and national service efforts. She has spoken on trauma and care for NAMI, a State Mental Health Conference, and other state and regional conferences. She is currently working with a reporter for the National Catholic Register, a national Catholic newspaper, on a series of articles regarding trauma and the role of the Catholic Church.  

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Will things return to normal? Should they? Tony Vasinda and I spend some time exploring the possibilities of a Post-Quarantine Church.

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I'm joined this week by my bride, Kristin Putnam, cofounder of NFPAware.com and Representative to the United Nations for WOOMB Intl.

You've heard people dispel popular myths about NFP before. You've heard folks debunk the idea that NFP doesn't work, or that it is the same as the Rhythm Method. But are there NFP Myths that Catholics still believe?

We tackle the myths of:

  • "NFP Lowers the divorce rate"
  • "NFP can be used with a contraceptive mindset"
  • "NFP is primarily used by white-suburban-middle-class couples"
  • and more.

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Bo Bonner joins us to talk about St. Benedict's life; on Benedict's lasting impact on the Church, and on Bo's personal experience with being a Benedictine Oblate.

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Dr. Sam Rocha (samrocha.com) joins us to reflect on the differences between Patriotism and Nationalism, Americanism and Catholicism.

Dr. Tim Muldoon joins us to talk about Reclaiming Family Time.

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*Sorry for the lateness of the episode; we've been packing our house into a moving van.

Emily Jaminet (emilyjaminet.com) joins us to talk about the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (welcomehisheart.com), and how she came to rediscover it in her own life. She shares the power of the devotion, and shares her personal experience with Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and the healing it has brought into her home.

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Charles Beard, soon-to-be-ordained permanent deacon for the Diocese of Tulsa, joins us to talk about the feast of Corpus Christi, and we discuss recognizing the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, in the Church, and in the Poor.

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Fr. Robert Boxie, III, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, joins us to talk about his personal experience as a Black man, a Black Catholic, and a priest, and then we explore the steps we can take to pursue racial reconciliation in light of our belief in the inviolable Dignity of the Human Person, and in our dependence upon one another as members of the Body of Christ. 

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