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Exploring the Foundations and Implications of Faith

August 27, 2016

#094: Lisa Hendey — Back to School, Back to Faith


Lisa Hendey, founder of CatholicMom.com, talks 'A Catholic Mom's Prayer companion' and how to take this back to school season and use it to launch a brand new start to devotion.

August 20, 2016

#093: Joe Heschmeyer — World Youth Day


Joe Heschmeyer relates his experiences at World Youth Day.

August 13, 2016

#092: Rebecca Bratten Weiss — The Politics of Not Unfriending


Last week, Rebecca Bratten Weiss wrote a fascinating piece called The Politics of Not Unfriending.

Composite image from Rebecca Bratten Weiss and Stephanie McCabe

Composite image from Rebecca Bratten Weiss and Stephanie McCabe

I need to know what you are thinking, o sharer of offensive material; I want to understand what motivates you, which preconceptions you’re clutching. I may be tempted to reduce you to a stereotype, but when I consider how humans interact I remember: you can’t work for social justice by fighting caricature

August 6, 2016

#091: Dcn. Greg Kandra — The Question of Female Deacons


Deacon Greg Kandra talks about the new commission studying the question of Female Deacons. If you're nervous, or excited, or curious, or incensed, you aren't going to want to miss this episode!